Unboxing: KDLINKS R100 Rear-View Mirror Style Dashcam

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Jun 19, 2017

Get to know the new KDLINKS R100!

The KDLINKS R100 is a rear-view mirror style two-channel dashcam with super crisp Ultra HD 1296p resolution from the front camera lens and HD 1080p resolution from the rear camera lens. The forward-facing lens is easy to attach to your current rear-view mirror.

What's in the box?

image of new 2017 KDLinks R100 two-channel Ultra HD rear-view mirror style dashcam

KDLINKS R100 two-channel rear-view mirror style dashcam

(1) Main Mirror Module

Think of the front lens of the R100 as version 2.0 of your rear-view mirror. It serves as your rear-view mirror as well as a dashcam to record out your front windshield with a sleek, built-in display screen.

Not only is the main camera module big, but the internal display is huge! The R100’s forward facing lens is designed to fit over your existing rear-view mirror. The actual camera lens is mounted on the backside of the front camera and can be angled in all directions. We’ve seen some dashcams that only rotate up and down or side to side, so this feature gives you the flexibility to position this 140-degree wide-angle camera lens exactly where you want it.

The KDLINKS R10 rear-view mirror style unit is very thin, so don’t worry about the forward-facing cam looking or feeling bulky on top of your existing rear-view mirror. The menu navigation buttons are hidden away on the bottom side of the unit and their corresponding icons are subtly marked on the display screen itself.

(1) Rear Camera Module

The rear camera is low-profile and straight forward. Just like the front lens, the rear lens has 140 degrees of coverage. There are tons of rear-camera image options with the R100; you can set the image to be mirrored, flipped, or mirrored and flipped. These orientation options give you the freedom to mount the rear cam in a variety of places and could even be used as your back-up camera.

(3) Rear Camera Adhesive Pads

One adhesive pad from the trusted and super strong 3M brand comes already attached to the rear camera. Two extra adhesive pads are included in the box, just in case.

(1) 12v Cigarette Lighter Outtlet Power Cord

The adapter feels solid in-hand, and uses a right-angle mini USB plug for the front camera with plenty of slack to hide your wiring. The adapter has an extra USB port to charge another device, should you need it.

(1) Class 10 16gb MicroSD Card

The MicroSD memory card comes in a protective plastic case in the box and fits into the memory card slot on the top of the front camera.

(1) MircoSD Memory Card to USB Adapter

This will allow you to easily plug your MicroSD card into your computer in order to watch or save your dashcam footage.

(4) Rubber Mounting Straps

Don’t be alarmed if right out of the box these straps seem a little stiff, they will loosen up with use. These straps are designed to hook onto the front mirror module and wrap around your existing rearview mirror. You only need two of these straps to mount the R100 front lens on top of your rear-view mirror, but the box includes two extras.

(1) Lens Cleaning Cloth

(1) Quick Start Guide

(1) User Manual

(1) KDLINKS Feedback Card and Support Contact Information

We’ve found KDLINKS support to be very responsive, so if you need any help setting up your R100 camera system, feel confident that KDLINKS will be there to resolve any issues that you run into.

Want to learn more about the KDLINKS R100? Click Here!

Jun 19, 2017 Posted by The Dashcam Store