Unboxing: BlackVue DR490-2CH

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Jul 18, 2017

image of new 2017 BlackVue DR490-2ch Full HD 1080p dashcam

Get to know the new BlackVue DR490-2CH!

The affordable BlackVue DR490-2CH, released in July 2017, is an upgrade to the DR470-2CH. Unlike the DR490L-2CH, the DR490’s front camera fits the aesthetic BlackVue is known for: modern and minimal. The DR490 is the first non-touchscreen BlackVue camera system with Full HD 1080P video recording on both the front and rear cameras. Check out our BlackVue DR490-2CH unboxing video below to learn more about this new dashcam and see what's included in the box.

What's in the box?

image of all items in the box of the new 2017 BlackVue DR490-2ch Full HD 1080p dashcam

(1) Front Dashcam Unit

The wide angle lens gives you 130 degrees of camera coverage and uses the new Sony STARVIS image sensor for improved low-light performance.

On the side, you have clearly labeled ports for your rear camera, an optional GPS antenna add-on, and your power cable. With a single tap of a button, enable or disable the camera’s onboard audio recording. If you hold this same button down for around 10 seconds, it will quickly format your memory card. The DR490 is the first camera in the BlackVue 400 series with this easy memory card format feature! Under the protective cap, you have your microSD card slot.

(1) Front Dashcam Mount with Adhesive

On the front camera’s quick release mount, there is a piece of 3M adhesive already attached for easy installing.

(1) Rear Dashcam

Like the DR490L-2CH, the DR490’s rear camera is super tiny but still delivers Full HD 1080p resolution, just like the front camera lens.

(1) Rear Dashcam Mount with Adhesive

The rear mount of the DR490-2CH doesn’t have a quick release button like the front camera does. Instead, the rear camera mount uses a simple internal locking mechanism. Align the steps, and the camera separates easily from the mount.

(1) Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide is a great resource. It has some fantastic instructions and diagrams to help you start using your camera. A full user manual for the DR490-2CH is available for download on our website.

(1) Power Cord

The DR490 ships with a standard cigarette lighter power plug. This power plug is compatible with the DR430, DR450, DR470 and DR650 but not the DR490L-2CH or the DR750LW-2CH. Another important note: Although the DR490L-2CH and the DR490-2CH have a few specs in common, the DR490-2CH does not include a direct wire harness. If you want to hard wire the unit into your vehicle’s fuse box, you’ll need to get a Power Magic Pro separately.

(1) Rear Camera Cable

The rear camera cable included with the DR490-2CH is the same type that is included with the DR490L. Both cameras use a more robust plug style than other existing 2CH BlackVue models, meaning the cable is not interchangeable with the DR430, DR470, or DR650.

(1) MicroSD Card and (1) MicroSD Card Adapter

The accessory pack that comes in the box of the DR490-2CH includes a microSD card and a microSD card adapter for storing and retrieving your video footage. When you order the DR490, you get to select from a 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB industrial-grade BlackVue memory card.

(5) Cable Management Clips with 3M Adhesive

The accessory pack also includes 5 cable management clips. If you get your system set and decide to change their positions, you’ll need to purchase those separately.

Want to learn more about the BlackVue DR490-2CH? Click Here!

Jul 18, 2017 Posted by The Dashcam Store