The NOLA No-Look: Near Miss with Pedestrian

The NOLA No-Look: Near Miss with Pedestrian

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Sep 15, 2017

Dashcam Bounty Theater Presents: Act IV

The NOLA No-Look

This dashcam footage comes from our friend Bruce L. in New Orleans, LA. This dashcam video was recorded on a BlackVue DR650S-1CH. Thanks to his attentive driving and good brakes on his '99 Corvette, avoided hitting an oblivious pedestrian who was employing a radical street crossing technique called "jaywalking." Luckily nobody was injured!

This dashcam video serves as a great reminder that look both ways before your cross the street is sage advice for pedestrians at any age.

A dashcam saves the day, again.

Curious to learn more about the BlackVue dashcam that recorded Bruce's quick reaction time? Check out the BlackVue DR650S-1CH.

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Sep 15, 2017 Posted by The Dashcam Store