One Accident Could Cost Your Business Dearly.  Are You and Your Drivers Protected?

One Accident Could Cost Your Business Dearly. Are You and Your Drivers Protected?

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Oct 01, 2018

We’ve seen many cases where a dashcam saved a company from a lawsuit because of the indisputable proof that a video provides. People are very likely to point their finger at the company truck and say “they did it, not me” even if they are completely in the wrong. They know that no company wants to engage in an expensive and drawn out legal battle, so they expect you to give them a settlement and take the insurance hit yourself. It is unfortunate, but true. Here is a quote from a customer of ours, San Antonio Street Sweepers who experienced that exact situation:
"I can’t tell you the excitement of how I felt when I watched the video for the first time […] Just to see everything happen the way that it did and to know without a doubt that my driver was telling the truth and that he did not run the red light and that the other driver was at fault was a great feeling. Well worth any money that I spent on the camera."

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Prepare and Protect. Your Company May Depend On It.

There are other unfortunate occasions where someone is injured by a hit and run. What can you do in that situation? Nothing. Nothing that is, unless you have a dashcam. A dashcam will provide all the information you need to ensure that you are not alone and discarded after the incident. Here’s a quote from a customer of ours who was in such a predicament:
"I never want to be in another accident, but if the unfortunate happens I have a little piece of mind knowing there will be an accurate witness – video, audio, GPS, speed. You can’t rely on other drivers. They may not stop, wait long enough for the police or have an accurate story."
Are you and your drivers protected? | The Dashcam Store

Arm Your Fleet with "The Dashcam Defense"

As a business owner or manager, you have to think not only about your equipment, but also about what your drivers are up to. With GPS, optional WIF and several other features offered by the AVIC Elite’s, you know where your drivers were and what they were doing. Here’s another quote from a happy fleet customer of ours explaining the benefits of their AVIC dashcams:
"One of the reasons we were concerned with getting a camera was to make sure our guys are doing what they are supposed to be doing [...] it was more for our protection and just to verify that things were being done the way we needed them to be done, and make sure everybody was doing what they were supposed to be doing."
Are you and your drivers protected? | The Dashcam Store

The AVIC Elites Ensure You, Your Drivers and Your Equipment are Protected

The AVIC Elite’s feature a CMOS 4MP image sensors for Full HD 1080p in the front camera with a viewing angle of 125 degrees, and a 2MP 720p lens with 149 degree viewing angle for the inside camera. Doubling their resolution is a huge step up for our #1 selling fleet dashcam solution!

One thing you may notice about the AVIC Elite Dual Lens is the simple direct-wiring harness that is built-in to the dashcam. This model does not come with a cigarette lighter outlet plug; instead the wire harness is intended to be connected directly to the vehicle's electrical system. This built-in wire harness prevents someone from stopping the dashcam by simply unplugging the power cord (from either the camera itself, or from the power outlet). Business owners: rest assured, your dashcams will always be rolling with the AVIC Elites.

Are you and your drivers protected? | The Dashcam Store
Another noticeable and perhaps the best feature of the AVIC Elite is the lockable memory card cover. This lock and key feature ensure only authorized access to the memory card, which prevents tampering with the recordings on the memory card. If you have someone else driving a vehicle you own, or are worried about others seeing your own recordings, this feature is indispensable. You will always know that no matter what happens, you will have proof of what took place with your vehicle. Only the physical key holder will be able to access or view the videos.

The AVIC Elites are an excellent choice for fleet managers who need to protect their trucks & ensure their driver’s safety. With excellent resolution, reliability and affordability from the AVIC brand, you can rest assured your people and property are safe.

Are you and your drivers protected? | The Dashcam Store

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Oct 01, 2018 Posted by The Dashcam Store