Fleet Case Study: San Antonio Sweeping Service

Fleet Case Study: San Antonio Sweeping Service

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Jul 27, 2017

image: Fleet Dashcam Case Study: San Antonio Sweeping Service | The Dashcam Store Blog

Learn about the businesses that trust The Dashcam Store with their fleets and see how they have benefited from having the dashcam defense.

Get to know San Antonio Sweeping Service

San Antonio Sweeping Service was founded in 1996. They have become a leader in construction, maintenance, and restoration cleaning services in the South West. SASS is a leader in green tech in the waste management space, as demonstrated by their use of environmentally friendly sweeper truck tech to reduce both noise and air pollution. San Antonio Sweeping Service is an owner operated company and they pride themselves in customer communication and their outstanding service.¹

image: Brian Cooper, Owner of San Antonio Sweeping | Fleet Dashcam Case Study | The Dashcam Store Blog

Brian Cooper, the owner of San Antonio Sweeping Service, worked for a local sweeping company at night while he was finishing his degree at the University of Texas, San Antonio in the early nineties. Once the company was sold, Cooper saw an opportunity to pave the way for his very own company.² The rest, as they say, is history.

San Antonio Sweeping Service has a team of nine employees.²

Their customers range from state, city, military, construction, residential, and property management, in the commercial and private sectors. San Antonio Sweeping Service serve more than 200 properties in and around South Texas.¹


image: Fleet Dashcam Case Study: San Antonio Sweeping Service | One of the Trucks in the Fleet of 9 vehicles | The Dashcam Store Blog

There are a total of 9 vehicles in the San Antonio Sweeping Service fleet:

  • Tymco 435 for heavy construction and road cleaning ²
  • Nitehawk sweepers for smaller parking lot work ²
  • 2012 Toyota Tundra for leading oversized loads

Needs for a Solution

One of the reasons we were concerned with getting a camera was to make sure our guys are doing what they are supposed to be doing [...] it was more for our protection and just to verify that things were being done the way we needed them to be done, and make sure everybody was doing what they were supposed to be doing. ³

– Brian Cooper, Owner, San Antonio Sweeping Service


SASS trucks run 24/7. Cooper preferred to use GPS over driver logs so he can know exactly when and where an employee is at a job-site at all times. The ability to refer back to GPS location files on a case-by-case basis will save him time and allow him to focus his energy on sales-driving initiatives.²

Interior-Facing Camera

Placing a dashcam on the front windshield and facing the camera lens inside the cabin towards the driver was a must-have criteria for Cooper so he can check-in on his drivers in real-time and ensure that they aren’t having any issues.²


image: The best solution for San Antonio Sweeping Service: BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam

My original search for dashcams started on the internet, just basically punching in 'dashcam' because I had no knowledge about them. I might have seen them on the internet and seen their uses, but for the most part I didn’t have any idea on where to even begin searching for them. So, I did like anybody would do and went to the Google machine and punched in “dashcam” and lo and behold The Dashcam Store popped up, I found out that they are local, right in Austin, our neighbors, so I gave them a call and can’t tell you how thankful I am I did it. ³

– Brian Cooper

After working with Andrew Hunter, the VP of Global Sales at The Dashcam Store, and reviewing San Antonio Sweeping Service's needs, it was clear that the remote access capability and the two-channel setup made the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH the best solution for their fleet.


Originally, Cooper worked with a local San Antonio installer, but the end result of the dashcam installation wasn’t the quality that he was anticipating. Cooper then contacted The Dashcam Store to schedule an installation, and The Dashcam Store’s Lead Technician, Matthew Ritchie, and Hunter traveled to San Antonio to perform the professional installations.

image: Power Magic Pro Installation | Fleet Dashcam Case Study: San Antonio Sweeping Service | The Dashcam Store Blog

The dashcam installation was performed on 5 of San Antonio Sweeping Service's trucks. On day 1, The Dashcam Store technicians installed the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcams in the first 3 trucks in 5 hours. Cooper requested that the dashcam installation be performed in installments so the rest of his fleet could continue to travel to job sites, so The Dashcam Store’s technicians returned and finished the dashcam installation on the last 2 trucks


After the dashcams were installed, Hunter and Ritchie trained Cooper on the operation of the new BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcams, focusing on how to view and retrieve video files, how to use the remote access feature, and how to format the memory cards.

End Result

We have incorporated GPS tracking and real-time video monitoring in all the vehicles. This allows us to keep up-to-the minute communication with our drivers, as well as inform our customers about when and where we are sweeping so that they can have that for their records. Real-time cameras are outstanding for educating and training our drivers because we can see what they see and answer their questions in real time while they are on the job. The phone app allows us to send a GPS reading to our customer immediately if there is ever a discrepancy about services rendered. This has minimized any disputes that were once hard to verify in the past. Our customers appreciate getting this kind of immediate feedback. ²

– Brian Cooper
image: Complete Installation | Fleet Dashcam Case Study: San Antonio Sweeping Service | The Dashcam Store Blog

It didn’t take long for San Antonio Sweeping Service to utilize their BlackVue dashcam video footage in a dispute. Only one week after SASS had their fleet outfitted with BlackVue dashcams, one of their drivers was involved in an accident. A San Antonio Sweeping Service truck was struck at an intersection, and the SASS driver was adamant that he was not at fault and the other vehicle involved was adamant that he was not at fault. No witnesses came forward to provide perspective on the collision.

The Dashcam Store prides itself on reliable, personalized customer service. When the San Antonio Sweeping Service needed help locating the dashcam video file of the accident, The Dashcam Store technicians traveled to San Antonio to assist Cooper and his staff access and download the specific video files to send to their insurance provider.

My call into The Dashcam Store for support was absolutely top-notch. The guys over there, especially Andrew, walked me through everything that I needed to do (because I’m not a very tech guy, I don’t understand how these things work most of the time) but he walked me through it step-by-step, got the chip out, got the video, got it to the insurance company, and he just knocked it out of the park. The Dashcam Store was just a great experience and I’ll always do business with them. ³

– Brian Cooper

The dashcam footage provided unbiased evidence to Cooper and to the insurance provider to show what exactly happened at the intersection and prove that his staff member was not at fault.

I can’t tell you the excitement of how I felt when I watched the video for the first time […] Just to see everything happen the way that it did and to know without a doubt that my driver was telling the truth and that he did not run the red light and that the other driver was at fault was a great feeling. Well worth any money that I spent on the camera. ³

– Brian Cooper

The Accident


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