Find Out Why Everyone is Talking About The New Vantrue N4 Pro

Find Out Why Everyone is Talking About The New Vantrue N4 Pro

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Oct 20, 2023

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When it comes to dashcams, capturing important details is the entire point of owning a dashcam, which is why the quality of the footage is possibly the most important feature of all. The ability to capture clear and detailed footage can make all the difference, from a potential hit-and-run to winning an insurance claim. Today's dashcams have come a long way since the days of barely viewable, low-resolution, pixelated footage, unless it's of a UFO or Bigfoot, but they still struggle with small, difficult-to-capture details like license plates and street signs.

Vantrue N4 PRO | Now Available For Purchase At The Dashcam Store
Vantrue N4 PRO | Now Available For Purchase At The Dashcam Store

Enter the Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro), a dashcam that has set a new benchmark in the realm of image clarity and detail.

The Vantrue N4 Pro is a 3-channel system, capturing the road ahead, behind, and inside your vehicle. The N4 comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a flagship dashcam: Wi-Fi, GPS, app connectivity, parking surveillance, voice control, etc. But what really makes this dashcam stand out is the front-facing 4K camera, which, for our money, might be the best in the business.

Vantrue N4 Pro Test Examples
Vantrue N4 PRO License Plate Capture vs Other Brands | via

The experts at recently tested the N4 Pro against other industry-leading dashcams. The N4 Pro's ability to capture minute details like license plate information with precision and clarity blew the competition out of the water.

No HDR vs DOL HDR vs Clear HDR

So what makes the N4 Pro special? While most of the industry's top dashcams share the Sony Starvis IMX 678 sensor, the N4 Pro stands out as the only one to take advantage of the Clear HDR feature, which allows for simultaneous recording of a lower and higher-exposure video stream by combining the two. This results in a perfectly exposed image without overexposed or underexposed areas. | Ultimate Dashcam Comparison 2023: License Plate Reading is HERE!

Throughout the testing provided in the video above, the N4 Pro consistently outperformed other top dashcam brands tested in almost every category. And while as impressive as the image might be, you may be willing to sacrifice some detail in favor of newer flagship features that the N4 Pro does not have, such as built-in 4G LTE, cloud connectivity, advanced driver assistance features, automatic emergency triggers, or A.I. implementations.

If you're looking for a multi-channel dashcam that does what a dashcam is supposed to and does it extremely well, with impressive features that don't require hundreds of dollars and monthly subscriptions to utilize, and all at a price just under $400, the Vantrue N4 Pro reigns supreme.

Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro Dashcam Blog Banner
Vantrue N4 PRO | Additional Features and Specs

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Oct 20, 2023 Posted by The Dashcam Store