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BlackVue DR900S-1CH & DR900S-2CH 4K Dashcams | Unboxing Video

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Hey everyone: your friends at The Dashcam Store with another unboxing video. Today’s cameras: the long awaited BlackVue DR900S Series, BlackVue’s newest flagship dashcams.

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BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

Available in both one- and two-channel options, the 900S are very similar to the BlackVue’s DR750S series but features 4K resolution and dual-band WiFi. Utilizing an Ultra high definition 8MP CMOS image sensor and recording in an astonishing 4K @ 30fps, or 1080p @ 60fps. The DR900S is the camera system of choice for anyone looking for the highest resolution dashcam on the market. By all accounts, it’s the new standard for BlackVue’s line of enthusiast level connected cameras.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

The one-channel package comes with your camera, windshield mount and a few accessories including your choice of 16,32,64 or 128GB microSD card with an SD card adaptor, a 12V power cable, 5 cable clips, a trim tool, one spare adhesive pad, a USB card reader, and a very detailed user guide.

Note that BlackVue dashcams are not sold without memory cards; the robust BlackVue-branded industrial-grade cards come pre-packaged inside the boxes from BlackVue, ready for use.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

The two-channel package comes with everything included with the one channel, plus a rear camera unit and rear camera cable. The rear camera features a viewing angle of 139 degrees and records using the Sony STARVIS 2.1MP image sensor giving you full HD 1080p @30fps. Now keep in mind that while they appear similar, the one channel and two channel packages use different front camera units.

They are nearly identical, but the one-channel unit does not have an input port for connecting a rear unit. If you start with the one channel package and decide later to upgrade to the two-channel, unfortunately you’ll have to just buy the entire two-channel system.

With that being said, you can definitely use the two-channel version without the rear camera plugged in, should you desire to do so. Just remember you want the system powered down before plugging in or unplugging the secondary camera / camera cable.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

By itself, the 900’s could easily be mistaken for the DR750S, aside from this gold ring around the lens and the 4K stamp. The 900S also features a viewing angle of 162 degrees and as I’ve mentioned, supports video recording at 4K @ 30FPS or 1080p @ 60FPS.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

Most users would assume that 4x the resolution would mean 4x times the file size, but that is not the case. The DR900S utilizes the new H.265 compression codec when recording in 4K which makes the file size comparable to recording in 1080p using the standard H.264 codec. You can also just as easily turn your settings down to capture video in 1080p @60fps for the time being if you’re just looking to future proof your device for later 4k consumption. The 900S really offers the best of both worlds, if comparing this to the 750S series.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

So, let’s talk about the proximity sensor on the device itself, which comes standard on the 750S and 900S, but is not available on the BlackVue 590 Series.

This “touchless” sensor resides on the left of the camera and has a couple of different programable functions. 1st, which is set by default, is that by waving your hand near the sensor the audio will be muted. If you’ve disabled audio recording by default, waving your hand near the sensor will re-enable audio recording.

Basically, the proximity sensor will toggle the microphone on or off, depending on your default audio recording settings. 2nd, which is my personal favorite, is that by waving your hand near the sensor you can manually create an “event file” that will be a) protected from being overwritten on the memory card and b) uploaded to the cloud, assuming you’re utilizing the cloud features.

This is great for if you happened to see something cool that you didn’t want to forget or have to search for later. Say for example, a UFO or an eagle is flyng past with a snake in its mouth; you can just wave your hand next to the camera and rest assured that file is saved and easily located later.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

Aside from the voice alerts that tells you when your device turns on, changes recording mode, or shuts down (all audio alerts can be disabled, by the way, once you get used to the operation of the BlackVue), there are a couple of status LEDs on the back of the device that keep you notified.

The recording light will be orange during normal recording, red during event recording, and green while in parking mode recording. Next to the recording light, you also have a blue light indicating if your GPS is active.

On the front of your camera you have a white security LED which can be turned off for a stealthier operation or left on to let unwanted visitors know that your vehicle is secure.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

On the right of your camera and near the power cable, you have a WiFi button which will allow you to toggle the camera’s WiFi feature on or off, reset your WiFi SSID/password to default values, or even reformat your memory card in case you need to quickly erase all your recordings or format a new card.

To insert or remove your memory card you will need to slide this cover out of the way. Once the cover is down, you can either insert or remove your card like so.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

On the mount itself there is a button facing the windshield that allows you to release your camera. The camera locks into the mount when inserted, so it’s very important that you press this button if you want to remove your camera.

You can easily rotate the camera while its locked into the mount if you want to adjust your viewing angle either up or down. We find that for most vehicles, a purely horizontal orientation is usually best. You don’t want too much hood or too much sky in your footage.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

There is also a new event file overwrite protection feature that allows you to protect up to 50 events files from being overwritten, which definitely comes in handy to protect those critical files until you can retrieve them from the memory card.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

Both 1 and 2ch models have built-in GPS which will conveniently add speed data to your videos and the location is viewable when playing back the videos in the smartphone app or with the PC or Mac desktop software.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

The DR900S now uses a dual-band WiFi allowing you to connect to either 2.4 or 5GHZ hotspots, which means you now have more choices in how you can connect to BlackVue’s Over the Cloud service and a faster file transfer as well.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

With BlackVue Over the Cloud, if you’re using a Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Battery pack to utilize Parking Mode and you have a WiFi hotspot active in your vehicle, you will be automatically and instantly be notified of an impact to your vehicle via your BlackVue app.
BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

The free BlackVue smartphone app is available for iOS or android and has several features. You can change your settings, review your footage, save individual clips internally to your phone, or push specific clips to the cloud. You can also use the live viewing feature to see what your camera is seeing in front of or behind you, which helps when installing the system in your vehicle.

The PC/Mac desktop viewer is also free from BlackVue and allows you to do many of the same functions as the App, but also provides you with a GPS map display when viewing your clips. Using the PC/Mac viewer is best when you’re wanting to review or copy over a large number of videos. You do need to use the supplied microSD to USB adapter to connect your memory card to the computer, when using the desktop software.

BlackVue DR900S Unboxing Video | The Dashcam Store

The BlackVue DR900S: high quality recordings with all the specs, bells and whistles any technology, gadget or automotive enthusiast would want. This flagship one- or two-channel cloud enabled camera system is perfect for consumers and fleet businesses alike.

BlackVue DR900S-2CH sample footage video:

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