BlackVue DR500GW-HD / DR550GW-2CH Dashcam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Posted by The Dashcam Store on May 24, 2014

Hello safe drivers and dashcam enthusiasts!

In this blog post we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about two of BlackVue's high-end dash cams: the single channel BlackVue DR600GW-HD, and the dual channel DR650GW-2CH. These questions cover several areas, including basic operation of the units, and troubleshooting when something doesn't seem right. We even talk about the BlackVue smartphone apps! If you have any other questions that are not on this FAQ, please e-mail us at so we can address that concern as well. On to the questions!

What is the default WiFi password?

The default password to connect to the DR600 or DR650 is simply: blackvue. It's a good idea to change the default password so no one else can access your dash cam videos or settings.

The memory card inside my brand new BlackVue is empty!

Not to worry! All the BlackVue memory cards shipped with cameras are empty, this is normal. The first time the DR600 or DR650 is powered on, the dashcam actually copies the PC/Mac viewing software, configuration files, and other files/folders to the memory card. No matter what happens with the memory card, the software and files will always be restored to the memory card, from the camera. This will occur after reformatting the card, or inserting a brand new card into the BlackVue.

Can I format the memory card inside my BlackVue dash cam?

Yes. To easily and quickly perform an in-dashcam format, with the DR600/650 powered on, simply hold down the Wi-Fi button for approximately 10 seconds. A beep will be heard from the BlackVue, and then a message "Formatting the SD Card...". After a few moments, another message will be heard indicating the BlackVue is rebooting. Once the unit reboots, it will resume normal operations.

I keep hearing the message: "Please check the SD card" over and over.

In most cases this issue may be resolved by performing an in-dashcam format as described in Question 3 above. If the message persists, we recommend using a computer (PC or Mac) to do a full format of the SD card as described in this procedure. The cause of needing to format the micro SD card occasionally is explained further on that page.

Alternatively, Pittasoft (maker of the BlackVue line of dashcams) also provides a simple to use SD card format utility that may be downloaded here. Instructions for how to use the tool are included on that page.

My BlackVue is warm to the touch, is this normal?

Yep! A dashcam of this caliber is a pretty high-tech piece of equipment. When you think about it from an engineering perspective, capturing high quality full HD video takes a large amount of computer processing power. Until a few years ago, any camcorder recording in full HD at 30 frames per second would have been at least 5 times the size of these cameras. Add in all of the other bells and whistles (WiFi, GPS tracking, G-sensors, and more), and put them in a tiny package, and heat is the by-product of all that data processing that is going on. But not to worry. Earlier dashcam models from BlackVue did suffer some heat-related problems, but their engineering team took on those issues head first and resolved them before putting out the DR500 and DR550 (and subsequently the DR600 and DR650). That's the beauty of the iterative design process! The case of the dash cam itself is actually used as a heat-sink (notice the nice vents you see along the top and bottom of these models), so that's why you may notice it is warm or hot to the touch. Don't worry, this is normal, and your BlackVue is operating as designed.

What is the operating temperature range of the BlackVue DR600GW-HD or DR650GW-2CH?

The BlackVue published temperature range for these models is -4° to 140°(F) or -20° to 60°(C). Those are operating temperatures, so most likely the camera will be fine even above and below that range when turned off (such as overnight or parked during the day).

I can't connect to my BlackVue from the app!

There are several reasons this may happen:

  • Ensure the BlackVue Wi-Fi hotspot has been turned on (press the Wi-Fi button on the side of the dash cam), and that the Wi-Fi light has changed from blinking to solid.
  • One common problem is that your phone/tablet/laptop is already connected to another WiFi network, such as your home or work hotspot. You may need to have your device temporarily disconnect or "forget" your known network in order to then connect to the BlackVue dashcam WiFi. It may also help to connect to the BlackVue hotspot directly from your device's Wi-Fi settings menu, then returning to the BlackVue app and proceeding as usual.
  • In rare cases when this is not the problem but the app still won't connect, we've had customers who uninstalled the app, and then download the latest version from the Play or App store in order to restore their ability to connect with their BlackVue.
  • It may also help to power cycle (reboot) the BlackVue prior to attempting to connect via Wi-Fi.

My BlackVue WiFi name shows up as "BlackVue" followed by 6 zeros (e.g. "BlackVue000000")

This was an extremely rare issue we saw that was easily resolved by cycling power to the unit. To do this, find a safe place to park your vehicle, disconnect the power cord from the camera body, wait 30 seconds, and plug the power cord back in. Alternatively, you may press and hold the WiFi button on the side of the dashcam for 7 seconds, which will reboot the device.

The frame rate when watching the live view (over WiFi) on my phone doesn't seem as smooth as when I watch them later on my computer, what gives?

This is normal. The frame rate output over WiFi is reduced somewhat from the full HD for several reasons. For one, this is done in order to work with a variety of phone types, not all of which are able to render HD video at full frame rate. Another reason is that while the BlackVue is streaming the stored video to your phone, it's also still recording video at the same time. Rather than compromise the recording quality of the current video by the demands of also transmitting/displaying full HD video, the transmitted video is just sent out at slightly lower quality. Full resolution is always still available of course by copying the video to your computer.

The time and/or date shown in my videos is wrong, even though I set the time zone correctly, help!

We've found it can take anywhere from 12-24 hours for the GPS time signal and time zone settings to sync up after changing the time zone setting. Just make sure your time zone is set correctly, then drive like usual and it should eventually display correctly on the live view and recorded videos.

I've captured something cool/interesting/amazing/funny on video, what do I do now?

First of all, don't do anything except concentrate on driving! As long as you take action relatively soon (within a few hours to be safe), your video will be safe from being overwritten while you find a safe place to pull over, or until you reach your destination. Then, when you are safely off the road, you have two options: 1) use the smartphone app to copy the video to your cell phone, or 2) take the microSD card to a computer where the video can be copied over directly.

How do I copy a video from the BlackVue to my phone?

If you want to use the app to copy the video to your phone for backup purposes, connect to the BlackVue via Wi-Fi, then simply locate the video in the list, and long-press on the video. A menu will pop up after a few seconds, then you can select "Copy to internal storage" or if your phone has a removable memory card you can also select "Copy to external storage". Once the video is on your phone (transfer can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute), you may upload the video directly to YouTube!

What is the correct way to connect the power and video cables to the DR650GW-2CH?

Please see the following image for correct cable insertion locations. Please note incorrect connection can cause damage to the dash cam unit that is not covered by warranty!

The rear camera image has a green tint or the video is all green!

We're not sure what causes this occasional glitch but in almost every case this is resolved by power cycling the BlackVue.

In general, what configuration settings do you recommend modifying?

The default settings are pretty spot-on for most situations and users. However, if you are using a Power Magic Pro to keep your BlackVue on when your vehicle is parked (a.k.a. "Parking Mode"), we recommend reducing the motion detection setting significantly; motion detection is very sensitive and may be activated by even trees swaying in a slight breeze. A setting of less than 10 will help prevent excessive recordings in Parking Mode.

We hope that this FAQ for the DR600GW-HD and DR650GW-2CH has been helpful. Again, if you have any other questions that are were not covered here, or would like to add some information to this list, please e-mail us at

As always, drive safe!

May 24, 2014 Posted by The Dashcam Store