Austin Dashcam Compilation Video

Austin Dashcam Compilation Video

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Oct 12, 2014

One of our goals at The Dashcam Store is to increase road safety through driver education and awareness. We hope that by watching videos like these, drivers will learn to anticipate certain situations and avoid potential accidents. Drive safe!

We've put together a video showcasing a variety of bad drivers, as well as funny, interesting, or just plain strange moments caught on dashcam here in the Austin, Texas area.  How do the drivers in your area compare? Enjoy the video but more than anything, learn from what you see and drive safe out there!  

All clips filmed in and around the Austin, Texas area. Upload your own original clips for our next compilation:


-The Dashcam Store Team

Oct 12, 2014 Posted by The Dashcam Store