The Dashcam Store Rewards Program

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We need your help!

If you're like us, you believe that dashcams are an essential part of driving on public roadways today! Since you're here on our website, we probably don't need to convince you of the value in "never leaving home" without a dashcam. However, believe it or not, most people in general still have never even heard of dashcams, or if they do know what a dashcam is, they aren't aware that more and more private individuals and businesses are starting to buy and use dashcams to protect themselves and their property today. This is where you come in!

We're looking for brand ambassadors and content creators!

Are you an active member on one of the big social media sites? Do you run a successful YouTube channel, blog, website, or other social media page? Got tons of followers on Twitter or Instagram? Awesome! You're exactly who we're looking for; you can help us spread the word about dashcams!

The Dashcam Store Rewards Program | social media icons graphic

The way the Rewards Program works is quite simple:

  • For a basic contribution such as posting about your purchase on Facebook or Twitter, you'll simply contact us once the post is already made. You'll include a link to the post in your message to us so that we can verify the post was made.
  • For a more elaborate contribution such as an in-depth blog post, video review, etc, you'll contact us in advance to discuss the project and we'll approve the request and the reward amount in advance.
  • Upon approval of your contribution, we send you an electronic Amazon gift card via E-mail, no waiting for your reward, it's yours instantly!

Get paid for your contribution!

The exact rewards you earn will depend on a few things, but here are some general guidelines to how much you can earn:

  • Posting about one of our products on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), with a link back to our website: up to $5.00
  • Video review of one of our products: up to $25.00
  • Documented (photo or video) installation of one of our products: up to $75.00. Example
  • Tell us what you can do: up to $???

Thanks for helping the dash cam community grow, and for helping to improve traffic safety worldwide! Your contribution can provide valuable growth to the dashcam movement which we fully believe will ultimately reduce the number of traffic accidents in the United States of America and beyond.

When you're ready, please contact us for more information or to get started on earning your rewards today!

As always, thank you and drive safe! -The Dashcam Store Team