Interesting Things Caught on Dashcam

Non-accidents caught on dashcam

Below is a collection of other interesting, crazy, weird, amusing, or funny events that happened to be captured by someone's dashcam.

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  • Dashcam Bounty Theater Presents: Act X
    This dashcam video footage was filmed with BlackVue dashcams:

  • On August 25th 2017, Hurricane Harvey made its initial landfall on the Texas gulf coast. This video, recorded on August 27th, shows the conditions north of Katy TX / I-10 area.
    The driver was forced to detour off interstate 10 and ended up going through quite a bit of flood water. To put this flooding in perspective, the driver was in a lifted Ford F250 truck. We hope this footage illustrates the seriousness of a major disaster such as Hurricane Harvey.
  • There are some strange things afoot in the Mojave Desert. We had some footage sent to us by a trusted resource of a UFO that was captured on his dashcam. Do you believe?
  • Sometimes, even we need a break from the car wrecks, cars being broken into, valet attendants not showing respect or mechanics throwing footballs poorly. So, with all that in mind, The Dashcam Store Bounty Theatre proudly presents.... well... peacocks? Enjoy!
  • Bone-headed activity caught on dashcam (BlackVue DR650S-2CH in parking mode) by one of our customers!
  • Criminal activity caught from start to finish on dashcam (BlackVue DR650GW-2CH in parking mode) by one of our customers!
  • Extremely close call caught on dashcam (BlackVue DR750LW-2CH) by one of our customers.
  • The world famous Russian meteorite of 2013.
  • Mudslide with massive rock in Taiwan.
  • Snow storm in Michigan.
  • A compilation of scam and fraud attempts caught on dashcam.
  • Ghost car appears out of nowhere.
  • UFO in New York?

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