DOD Tech

DOD Tech is a leading innovator and manufacturer of superior full HD dashcam technology

Based in Taiwan, DOD Tech is a leading innovator and manufacturer of superior full HD dashcam technology. DOD Tech proudly produces all of its products in house in Taiwan, from the initial concept, design, assembly, quality control testing, packaging, and shipping.

Their goal is to provide high-quality dashcams for both businesses and consumers. DOD is all about capturing the unexpected, which you will definitely be able to do with their top-notch night-vision and low-light recording. While features like crisp 1080p resolution, one-button file locking, and parking surveillance set DOD dashcams apart, we are most impressed with the DOD’s nighttime recording capabilities. All DOD dashcams feature an ISO sensitivity of at least 12800, and when this ISO sensitivity is coupled with a large lens aperture, it results in remarkable video recording quality in low light or no light conditions. Graininess or noise typical in dashcam video footage with a high ISO is a non-issue for the DOD dashcam models, thanks to the large f/1.6 lens and the wide dynamic range processing.

From the highly affordable to the high-end, DOD Tech has managed to design and produce an array of dashcams that fit everyone’s budget. With a small form-factor and reliable technology, DOD Tech delivers dashcams that do not falter under harsh circumstances while delivering stable and consistent video recording results.

If you drive often at night or in low-light conditions and lighting is a primary concern of yours, DOD Tech’s dashcams will be the perfect investment for you and your family’s safety.