Dashcams in the News

Reports highlighting the importance of having a dash cam

Below is a collection of news reports from across the United States that illustrate the growing need for drivers to use dashcams in their vehicles.

Thanks for watching, and as always, drive safe!

  • An extra set of eyes: when a dispute arises on who's at fault, a dashcam can be the advantage you need. Full article here.
  • Have you considered a personal dash cam? Last year, there were 308 traffic accidents per day in Harris County alone. KPRC Houston.
  • Dashcam Defense: dash cam video proves wrongful ticketing by cop in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Why you need a dashcam: driver rolls back into car, blames innocent driver. Local news report about the scam attempt.
  • CNN Report: Poor police officer conduct when questioning a driver.
  • Local Austin, TX News Report: Icy weather leads to crash caught by a dashcam.

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