Dashcam Accident Videos

Accidents caught on dash cam

Here we have just a small sample of car accidents from across the United States that have been caught on dashcam. We hope that by viewing situations such as these, drivers will become more aware of traffic hazards and how to avoid them. It is our goal to educate drivers which may help to reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths in this country.

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Thanks for watching, and as always, drive safe!

  • Here's our YouTube playlist which is updated regularly! Or keep scrolling below to watch the individual videos we've added over time. As you watch, this about what could have been done differently by each driver in order to avoid the accidents:
  • A business owner tells us the story of his "dashcam defense" after one of his vehicles was involved in an accident.
  • Double crunch sandwich accident, wow, be careful and pay attention out there! Driver was OK.
  • Passing on the right gone wrong, car crashes into a Chicago building trying to illegally pass a big rig. Driver was not injured!
  • Phoenix rear-end crash caught on dash cam, nice car gone to waste!
  • Protect yourself! Government vehicle causes accident, blames innocent driver! Good thing he had a dash cam.
  • Why you MUST have a dashcam: a driver making an illegal u-turn causes a minor rear-end accident.
  • Look at this "accident"; this is the sort of scam attempt that does really happen out there!
  • Rear-end accident causes SUV to roll over in California.
  • Another driver going too fast loses control of his trailer.
  • Bicycle vs. car. We are advocates for sharing the road with bikes, but bikers need to follow the laws too to avoid situations such as this. The bicyclist was not seriously injured.
  • Red light runner causes 3-car collision caught on dashcam in California, wow!

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