BlackVue Power Magic EZ Installation

In this how-to guide, we'll explain the quick and easy process of installing BlackVue's Power Magic EZ in your vehicle step-by-step.

Check out the video below to watch the process.

With BlackVue’s Power Magic EZ you’re able to bypass the sometimes tricky job of hard-wiring your dash cam at the fuse box. No longer do you need to locate a constant or switched power source or mess with finding your own ground point. Instead you’ll be able to easily provide power to your dash cam through your OBD, or on-board diagnostic port.

The Power Magic EZ retains the sleek aesthetic of a hard-wired dash cam but, as mentioned it doesn’t require any special wiring. All you have to do is plug the it into your vehicle’s OBDII port and just like that you’ve created access to a convenient power source for your dash cam, along with the same timer and low-voltage protection features found on the original Power Magic Pro.

In case you're not familiar with the BlackVue products, feel free to view our model introduction and overview video which goes over brand new Power Magic EZ:

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Power Magic EZ Installation

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How To Install BlackVue Dashcam and Power Magic EZ

Now, let’s begin the installation process by mounting our dash cam. Once the dash cam is mounted, we’ll then grab our Power Magic EZ and plug it into the “DC in” power slot of the dash cam. We’ll then tuck excess wire into the headliner, then down the “A” pillar as we make our way to the vehicle’s OBD2 port.

How To Install BlackVue Dashcam and Power Magic EZ

Now that the wires are tucked away and have been brought down to the OBD2 port, we’ll simply plug the Power Magic EZ into the vehicle’s OBD2 port to power it on. With the Power Magic EZ plugged into the OBD2 port, it’ll be in a convenient location where you can adjust the dip switches at any time.

How To Install BlackVue Dashcam and Power Magic EZ

You will set the dip switches the same way we suggest with the Power Magic Pro. Bring your first switch to OFF, and the second to ON for a 12.0V low-voltage cutoff setting, then set 3,4 and 5 to ON as well, which sets the cutoff timer to infinity, meaning it will always be on (as long as your car battery level is above 12.0V). And just like that you’ve easily installed a BlackVue Dashcam using a Power Magic EZ!

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