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BlackVue DR750X-PLUS & DR900X-PLUS Rear Camera Kit | RC110F-C

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Looking to add-on a rear camera to your DR750X-1CH-PLUS or DR900X-1CH-PLUS to increase coverage from front-only recording to both front & rear video recording? The new BlackVue RC110F-C rear camera upgrade kit is what you need! This BlackVue OE (Original Equipment) camera and cable plugs directly into the front camera of your DR750X-1CH-PLUS or DR900X-1CH-PLUS dash cam, and is also compatible with other DR750X-2CH-PLUS, DR750X-3CH-PLUS and DR900X-2CH-PLUS dashcams (as a replacement to the existing second camera).

This camera lens is designed to be mounted on the inside of your REAR windshield and is best suited for pointing OUTSIDE the vehicle for video coverage behind your vehicle. It can also be mounted facing out one side of your vehicle if you desire.

If you're looking to expand your DR750X-PLUS or DR900X-PLUS to front + INSIDE recording instead of front + REAR, click here for the DR750X-PLUS & DR900X-PLUS Interior Camera Kit | RC110F-IR-C We also have the waterproof exterior secondary camera to turn your DR750X-1CH-PLUS into a DR750X-2CH-TRUCK-PLUS, available here: DR750X-PLUS Waterproof TRUCK Rear Camera Kit | ERC110F-C.

Please note the upgrade package on this page is for the rear/secondary lens kit ONLY and is not the entire DR750X/DR900X-PLUS system. A DR750X/DR900X-PLUS front camera is required, this camera does not operate on it's own.

Please also note you can have a maximum of ONE secondary camera lens plugged in to any DR750X/DR900X-PLUS front camera.

What's included:

  • Full HD 1080p rear-facing camera
  • Mounting bracket w/ adhesive pad
  • 6m/20ft coaxial video cable
  • Spare adhesive pad
  • 3x cable clips

"Plug and play" compatible with the following models:

Also compatible with the following models (as a replacement for the secondary camera):

NOT compatible with the following previous-generation 750X/900X non-PLUS models:

We do also offer shorter and longer coaxial video cables for connecting the BlackVue front and rear cameras which can be found here: BlackVue 750/900 Series Replacement Coaxial Video Cables.

New OEM equipment by BlackVue. Includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty.