Slip-On Polarizing Filter for Thinkware F800Pro Front Camera

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This polarizing filter will help maximize the video quality of your Thinkware dash cam by increasing color saturation, and reducing the sun's glare and other reflections on the windshield. The filters are easy to install and remove since they can be quickly slipped on and off of the Thinkware F800 or F800 Pro front camera lens. The filters have been calibrated for optimal alignment from the factory, and do not need to be adjusted or rotated. These filters include an anti-UV treatment, as well.

Note: Polarizing filters slightly reduce the amount of light passing through them (by about one to three "F-stops"). You can choose to remove the filter at night to allow more light during night time recording, or boost your default brightness setting to compensate

Brand new design by Moovika; imported from France. This product is the filter only and does not include the Thinkware dashcam.

Compatible with the FRONT camera of these Thinkware dashcams:

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