Rear View Mirror Style Dashcams

This type of dashboard video cameras is hardly even identifiable as a dashcam! In most cases, rear view mirror style dashcams actually snap securely in place over your existing rear view mirror, and provide the exact same functionality as a standalone dashboard camera, while also acting as your new rear view mirror. The camera lens is strategically located such that it peeks around your existing mirror and out of the front windshield. The display for the camera is actually built in to the mirror itself, and is only visible when the dashcam is powered on.

Since they are so inconspicuous, one of the advantages of the rear view mirror style dashcam is that in most cases, you can leave it in your vehicle while it is unattended. It would take a skilled eye to identify this type of dash cams from outside of the car or truck. These models also still offer up to 1080p HD video recording, audio recording, and all of the normal features such as loop recording found in most dashcams.

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