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  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Normal Non-Wide Angle Version
  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Wide Angle (left) vs. Normal (right)
  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Wide Angle (left) vs. Normal (right)
  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Wide Angle (left) vs. Normal (right) with lenscaps
  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Wide Angle (left) vs. Normal (right)
  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Included Accessories
  • Mobius 1080p Miniature Actioncam - Diagram and Dimensions
  • Mobius 1080p Actioncam used as a dashcam - In-car photo driver's side
  • Mobius 1080p Actioncam used as a dashcam - In-car photo driver's side
  • Mobius 1080p Actioncam used as a dashcam - In-car photo exterior view
  • Mobius 1080p Actioncam used as a dashcam - In-car photo exterior view
  • Mobius 1080p Actioncam used as a dashcam - In-car photo with power cord plugged in on passenger side

Our Videos for This Product:

  • Video Preview Image
    Testing a Mobius ActionCam (1080p 30fps) on my quadcopter
    The Mobius ActionCam is a cheap (69USD) and tiny full HD camera, that is very good value for money in my opinion, especially considering that the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition I normally use, costs almost 9 times as much (450 EUR) in Europe. For this test, I attached the camera with velcro to the top of the dampening kit on my Eyefly Goliath frame that was already carrying GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. Any lightweight camera will be more sensitive to jello, so dampened mounting and propeller balancing are essential. Things I noticed about the Mobius camera: ► The audio and video are much better than that of the older 808 cameras. ► The audio is less affected by wind noise compared to 808 cameras, but that may also be due to the sticker over the microphone hole. I did the same with tape on my 808 cameras, but they still suffered a lot from wind noise. ► It gives more exposure priority to lighter areas than a GoPro, so flying into the sunset exposes the sun quite well, but the downside is that the rest becomes quite dark. ► Warm tones are oversaturated and the picture has too much sharpening for my taste, but I've been told that both saturation and sharpening can be adjusted later when new firmware comes out. Comparison screen shots of the scene at 1:40: Mobius 1080P: http://imageshack.us/a/img43/8343/iah1.png GoPro3BE 2.7K: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/5608/q8no.png This is where I bought my Mobius camera: http://stores.ebay.com/eletoponline365 Techmoan has a good review on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wmIyD1fM4M Quadcopter frame: Eyefly Goliath (http://www.eyefly.info/) Flight computer: APM 2.5 with Arducopter 2.9.1b ♫ "Molly's Song" by Beyond Ominous Beyond Ominous YouTube: http://bit.ly/110ySSR Royalty-Free Music ツ http://youtube.com/royaltrax
  • Video Preview Image
    Testing Wide Angle Mobius ActionCam Full HD 1080p Video Camera in various lighting conditions.
    Bought mines from this eBay seller: http://www.ebay.com/usr/novotm But can be found at other online retailers like Amazon.com. Wide Angle Mobius ActionCam Full HD 1080P sports camera. Capable of 1080p @ 30fps, as well as 720p at either 60fps or 30fps. The rechargeable internal 520 mah battery provides approximately 80 minutes of recording time per charge. The micro-sd card slot supports a memory card up to 32 GB (card not included) in size. Weighing in at a bit under 1.5 ounces, it is both lightweight and compact as well, measuring approximately 2.4" x 1.4" x 0.75". The camera mounts as removable storage when connected to a PC/Mac/Linux for easy transfer of video files. It is fully configurable as well by using the free software configuration utility (PC), the free Android App, or by manually editing the configuration text file (PC/Mac/Linux). The included mounting bracket sports a common 1/4"-20 tripod thread, which provides endless mounting opportunities. Its more advanced features - such as auto power on recording - allow it to be used as a dash camera if desired. Features: The Mobius ActionCam has many features, all of which can be configured via the software tools. Such features include: Time Stamp On/Off - Allows the user to choose whether a time stamp is displayed. Further, the time and date are easily sync'd to your device's time/date setting. Loop recording - When loop recording is enabled, the camera will overwrite the oldest video files with the newest files when the memory card becomes full. This is especially useful when using the camera as a dash cam. Auto power on record - When enabled, the camera will automatically turn on and begin recording when it detects power from a connected USB cable, or when the power button is pressed. Further, if connected to a USB cable, the camera will automatically stop recording and power down when the power is cut. This is particularly useful when using the camera as a dash cam since the camera will automatically begin recording when the ignition is switched on, and will automatically stop recording and power down when the ignition is switched off. Time lapse photo feature. Video/Audio out via optional A/V cable. 180 degree image rotation. Multiple video resolution options: 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps or 30fps. Still photos with a max resolution of 2304 x 1536. Audio mute: Allows the user to disable the microphone to so that the camera won't record audio. Battery: Internal rechargeable 520 mAh lithium ion battery. User replaceable. Approx. 80 run time minutes per charge. Weight: 1.37 ounces (camera only). 1.75 ounces (camera and mounting bracket w/ nut). Dimensions: 2.4" x 1.4" x 0.75" (approximate). Charging requirements: Use a high quality USB charger rated at a minimum of 5 volts and 1000 mAh (1 amp). Failure to do so will result in premature battery failure, and possibly even camera failure. Uses: There are loads of uses for the Mobius ActionCam camera, be it use in sports/competitions, recreational activities (go-kart cam anyone?), and more. Due to it's compact form factor, this camera is a favorite of the R/C community, and has been mounted to R/C planes, helicopters, quad-copters, and even rockets, in order to take aerial footage. Other uses include: Use as a helmet/hat camera. Use as dash cam / motor cycle cam / RV cam. Use as a webcam. Use as removable storage when a memory card is installed. Use as a video source with the optional A/V cable.
  • Video Preview Image
    Mobius Standard Lens vs Wide Lens at Night FW0.59
    My channel: http://www.youtube.com/AlexDriveBY Camera: Mobius ActionCam Video Editor: http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html Music: Michal Kleofas Oginski - Polonaise No 10 in D minor

Mobius Miniature 1080p Action Cam

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Product Description

A legendary performer that needs no introduction, the Mobius Actioncam! By popular demand, we're happy to offer this little wonder to our customers. Check out the feature list, and watch our review and sample footage videos.

Small, lightweight, and powerful, the Mobius Action Camera hides huge performance into a tiny package. Weighing in at less than an ounce and a half (~40 grams), and shorter in length than a standard credit credit card, the Mobius features full 1080p HD video that is on par with much more expensive hardware, yet can go or fit almost anywhere.

The Mobius is highly customizable, and includes a rechargeable lithium polymer battery record for over 2 hours without being attached to a vehicle or other external power source.

We are offering two models of the Actioncam, a normal model with an 85° field of view, and a wide-angle version with a 116° field of view. ***Wide angle version is sold out.*** See the comparison video below to compare the video from each model.

A Micro SD memory card (8, 16, or 32gb - Class 4 or higher) is required for use with the Mobius. Some users report success using 64 and 128gb memory cards as well. Memory cards are available for purchase above or on our memory cards page. Save money and ensure plenty of recording space with our "Dash Cam and Memory Card Combo"! Select a high-capacity, quality card with the Mobius above!

This item includes FREE standard ground shipping within the continental United States. Expedited shipping may be selected during checkout for an additional fee. International shipping is also available on this item.

Our favorite things about the Mobius

  • So lightweight! Not only is this useful as a dash cam, but you could also stick it on your quadrotor, model airplane, etc.
  • Simple operation as a dashcam. Just power on and go.
  • Highly configurable. Tons of modes and settings to play with if you desire.
  • Live video output over USB
  • Battery included! Doesn't have to be attached to a power source to work.

Included in the Package:

  • 1 1080p Mobius Action Camera
  • 1 Screw-Type Suction Cup Mount
  • 1 Tray Mount
  • 1 Threaded Insert for Tray Mount
  • 1 Adhesive Strip for Tray Mount
  • 1 Mini USB Cable
  • 1 Allen Wrench (for adjusting lens focus)
  • 1 Lens Cap

Full Feature List

  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080) HD, 30 FPS
  • 60 FPS recording at 720p (1280x720)
  • Bitrate: up to 18M(bit/s)
  • Maximum Still Photo Resolution: 3.5MP
  • 85 or 116 degree viewing angle (depending on model)
  • Video file format: .MP4
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Still Image file format: .JPG
  • Built-in 820mAh battery, record time up to 2 hours+
  • Low-light functionality
  • Length: 2.42" / 62mm
  • Width: 1.40" / 36mm
  • Height: 0.73" / 16mm
  • Weight: 1.4oz / 40g (including battery and memory card)
  • Adjustable Exposure
  • Audio Recording
  • Date Stamp
  • NTSC/PAL Adjustable
  • Certification: FCC/CE
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0
  • Memory Card Type: MicroSD / MicroSDHC (up to 32gb)
  • V3 PCB

User Manual

Configuration Software

The bottom line

The Mobius Actioncam is well known to the hobby video community. We are happy to offer this great tinkerer's device for use as a discreet dash cam. Not many other dashcams can offer the resolution, features, and size of the Mobius, especially not for under two hundred dollars!


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