EOS VT-300 3-Channel In-Vehicle Recorder with GPS Tracking, Remote View, and Fleet Telematics.

Rear View 3rd Camera
Rear View 3rd Camera
Rear View 3rd Camera
The EOS Tech VT-300 camera system is the ultimate video and audio recording solution for fleets. Trust the VT-300’s 3-camera setup is providing you and your business with constant audio and video coverage to stay protected and provide irrefutable evidence in any situation. Know exactly where your drivers, vehicles, and cargo are at all times via fleet telematics and cloud-based fleet management software.

Desktop Software & Fleet Management System

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Included with your VT-300 Fleet Camera System are a full suite of management tools, including PCManager Windows PC software for viewing the video files and location data directly from the memory card, as well as the FMS Server System for real-time fleet telematics and tracking, with live on-demand video and audio feeds from each vehicle.

VT-300 Key Features

Fleet Telematics Solution

Comprehensive statistics and detailed reports such as GPS location, speed, drive and idle times, as well as live video and audio are accessible in real time.

Cloud-Based Fleet Management System

Login to your FMS dashboard for a real-time view of your fleet anytime, anywhere. Access snapshot data and event videos remotely.

Automatic WiFi Data Offload

Effortlessly upload files to a local backup server when a vehicle returns to the depot via automatic wireless upload.

Tamper-Proof Cameras

Secure your memory cards, cable connections, and camera lens angles of each camera unit to ensure constant protection and preservation of critical video files.

Automatic Motion Detection

The vehicle is safely monitored while parked via motion detection and G-sensor impact detection. If your vehicle moves during a motion recording, continuous recording is started automatically.

Emergency Event Recording

When the embedded G-sensor detects an impact, the scenes from 15 seconds before until 15 seconds after the accident are saved as separate video files to a secure location on the memory card.

Automatic Loop Recording

Videos are saved as 60 second video clips. Once the microSD card has neared its storage capacity, clips are overwritten automatically beginning with the oldest files first.

High Speed Performance CPU

The EOS-Secure utilizes a high-performance CPU (Cortex A8 800MHz). This processor reduces computational time and further enhances the equipment’s stability.

In-cab infrared LEDs

The interior-facing infrared lens illuminates the cabin, even in pitch black lighting conditions, for clear night-vision video inside the vehicle.

Dual MicroSD Card Slots

Dual memory card slots double recording time of a conventional dashcam system. Each slot accepts up to a 128gb memory card. Both memory cards are protected thanks to the Tamper-Proof case that comes standard.

Expandable Storage

Utilize the built-in USB port to backup recordings to a USB thumb drive, or to connect an external hard drive (SSD) for up to 1TB of in-vehicle file storage.

Extreme Temperature Tolerance

Designed for operating reliably in high-heat and cold environments, the VT-300 has passed temperature tests from -4 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

VT-300 Videos

VT-300 Product Specifications

Front: Digital HD CMOS Sensor 1280 x 720p (HD)
In-Cabin: Digital HD CMOS Sensor 1280 x 720p (HD)
3rd/Rear (Optional): NTSC Analog D1 Composite 720 x 480p (D1)
Angle of view:
Front Lens 114.39(H), 61.98(V), 120.0(D)
In-Cabin Lens 114.39(H), 61.98(V), 150.0(D)
Video Format: MP4
Video Codec: H.264
Motion Detection: Yes
G-Sensor: 3-Axial acceleration sensor
Low-Light Functionality: Yes
GPS Position Logging: Yes - Internal Antenna
GPS Module: Antenna Built in Cradle Supports additional external GPS Antenna
Removable storage: micro SDHC(MLC) x 2 slots 128 GB max per slot (MLC)
Date Stamp: Yes
Plate Number Stamp: No
Auto Power Off: Yes
Languages: English
NTSC/PAL Adjustable: N/A
Day/Night MODE: Auto
Video Segment Selection: Adjustable - 1, 3, 5 min
Certification: FCC, CE, ROHS
Playback Software: Yes
CPU: Cortex-A8 (800MHz) Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Flash Memory: 128 MB
Operating Power: 8V ~ 32V
Operating Temperature: -25 to 85°C(-13 to 185°F)
Storage Temperature: -30 to 95°C(-22 to +203°F)
Super capacitor: DC 5V / over 5F Ensures safe shutdown
Hardware Interface:
DC IN: 3.50 DC input jack 3 Type of wire for Ignition detect
GPS: 2.50 4PIN ear phone jack
Video Out: 2.50 4PIN ear phone jack
Camera In 2.50 4PIN ear phone
Micro USB: Micro-USB Type B
Host mode / DC 5V supply
Uninterrupted: One file / min(60s±1s)
Event: 15 sec ±0.25s before; 15 sec ±0.25s after (Total 30 sec)
SOS: 15 sec ±0.25s before; 15 sec ±0.25s after (Total 30 sec)
G-sensor Event: 15 sec ±0.25s before; 15 sec ±0.25s after (Total 30 sec)
Loop Recording: Yes
HDR (Enhance Video Quality): Yes
Adjustable Exposure: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes
Warranty: 1 year

VT-300 Optional Accessories

Rear View 3rd Camera Rear-Facing 3rd Camera
(Default 3rd Camera Option)
Infrared 3rd Camera Infrared Interior 3rd Camera
(Upgrade Option)
Weather Resistent Exterier 3rd Camera Waterproof Exterior 3rd Camera
(Upgrade Option)
Dome Style 3rd Camera Vandal-Resistant Dome Style Interior 3rd Camera
(Upgrade Option)
VOC-300-Video-out Cable WF-700RA: WiFi dongle
For enabling automatic data backup and/or remote access.
FS-5M Panic Foot Switch FS-5M: Panic Foot Switch
Enable your driver to silently alert fleet managers to an emergency situation.
FS-5M Panic Foot Switch GPSA-6000: External GPS Antenna
Increase GPS position/speed logging performance by remotely mounting the antenna.
FS-5M Panic Foot Switch MT-701 AV Monitoring
Add a real-time display of the 3rd camera for use as a back-up (reversing) camera.

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