Dashcams with Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Dashcams with navigation functionality provide the best of both worlds for drivers in one streamlined device: a fully functional, modern GPS navigation system that offers turn-by-turn directions with a fully functional dashcam. The dashcams in this category contain a built-in GPS signal receiver that is used to keep track of your vehicle's exact physical location as you drive. This information on your location is used by a navigation system to provide you with accurate, up-to-date driving directions (if you have entered a destination to go to), or at the very least to display your real-time location on a live location map.

Why would someone want to have a dashcam with navigation? A dashcam with navigation is the perfect solution for those who want both the direction assistance of a GPS navigation unit and the recording capabilities of a dashcam, but don't want to waste valuable space and decrease their visibility with two separate devices on their windshield.

On the navigation side of these dashcams, you get everything you need to help you get where you need to go, such as an address search, a point-of-interest database, landmark guidance, and turn-by-turn directions. On the dashcam side, you get high definition video and audio recording, wide angle lens, G-Sensor for impact detection, and more.

Navigation-enabled dashcams differ from dashcams with GPS in one important way: dashcams with navigation can direct you where to go, but dashcams with GPS cannot. Dashcams with GPS simply keep a log of your vehicle speed and position at all times (along with recording video and audio of course), and this GPS log information can be used later to prove where your vehicle was and how fast it was going, later during playback if necessary. If you don't need a dashcam with turn-by-turn navigation but are interested in GPS tracking being a feature of your dashcam, head on over to see all of our dashcams with GPS.