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The Weekly Roundup | April 17th - April 23rd, 2017

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Keeping tabs on the best of tech, cars, and dashcams this week... so you don’t have to.

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Is it just me, or is your newsfeed all of the sudden bombarding you with envy-worthy articles all about traveling/hiking/backpacking/camping? One of such articles was The 38 Most Beautiful Places in America from Buzzfeed.

It's about that time of year: roadtrip season! We want to make sure that your car is road trip ready for the summer, so we're giving 10% off ALL of our dashcams from May 1st through May 3rd! Check out our Summer Road Trip Sale page to learn more!

Head out west and do some stargazing! Matador Network has some gorgeous photos to inspire you.

Over 22 awesome hiking spots in North America's parks? Check 'em out on Matador Network.

Do you have a Google Home to make your life easier? If you do, good news! You can now add multiple users to your Google assistant. Buzzfeed has more.

Want to buy the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8? The New York Times says to hold off for now.

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research is focused on a singular goal: to create computers with intelligence on par with humans. This Buzzfeed interview with Yann LeCun is fascinating.

Does your team use Slack to communicate? Ours does! This week, The New York Times reported that they may have company in the messaging market.

Police dashcam video shows high speed chase through East Texas counties. KLTV has the story and the dashcam video.

A proposed bill would allow Tesla to sell cars directly to Texas consumers. We like to do things our own way here in Texas... so naturally people are upset. Head to KUT to learn more.

I won't spoil the stat, but I guarantee you won’t believe how many people use their cell phones while driving. Read this piece by Brit+Co to see the statistic... that's over 50%.

Would you know how to escape a sinking car? GOOD wants you to know the proven steps to increase your odds of survival in a sinking car.


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