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  • BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam DIY Bundle | Kit Includes DR490-2CH Dash Cam, Power Magic Pro, Test Light, Fuse Taps
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam DIY Bundle | Kit Includes DR490-2CH Dual 1080p Dash Cam
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam DIY Bundle | Kit Includes Power Magic Pro for Parking Mode Recording
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam DIY Bundle | Kit Includes 2 "Add-a-Circuit" Fuse Taps (Please specify vehicle year/make/model in order comments)
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam DIY Bundle | Kit Includes Circuit Tester for Identifying Constant-Hot and Switched Fuses
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH Dash Cam DIY Bundle | Kit Includes Circuit Tester for Identifying Constant-Hot and Switched Fuses

Our Videos for This Product:

  • Video Preview Image
    02 | BlackVue Installation | BlackVue Dashcam Informational Series by The Dashcam Store™
    In the second video of our four-part series, we perform a complete installation of BlackVue's high-end DR650GW-2CH dual lens dashcam plus Power Magic Pro (battery discharge prevention module) in a 2015 Chevrolet Suburban. We show you detailed information on the following subjects: 00:15 - Planning the installation 01:20 - Explaining the Power Magic Pro 01:55 - Identifying 'switched' and 'constant' fuses in the fuse box 03:00 - Explaining the Power Magic Pro wire harness and installing our free fuse taps (Micro2 version) (NOTE: Please include fuse type: mini, low-profile mini, micro2, or ATO, or your vehicle year, make, and model in the order comments field during checkout in order to receive the free fuse taps.) 06:17 - Explaining ground wire location 06:44 - Attaching and testing the Power Magic Pro 08:03 - Installing the front camera of the DR650GW-2CH 09:04 - Running the power cable from the front camera to the Power Magic Pro 11:53 - Running the coaxial cable from the front camera to the rear camera 13:19 - Installing the rear camera of the DR650GW-2CH 14:26 - Running coaxial cable through conduit to tailgate 16:38 - Testing the installation 17:40 - Completed installation photos Product Information: DR650GW-2CH | http://thedashcamstore.com/blackvue-dr650gw-2ch-1080p-dual-lens-wifi-gps-dashcam/ Power Magic Pro | http://thedashcamstore.com/blackvue-power-magic-pro-battery-discharge-prevention-module/ Thanks for watching and drive safe!
  • Video Preview Image
    01 | How To Identify Your Fuse Type | Dashcam Installation by The Dashcam Store™
    Are you trying to install a dash cam in your car, and you need to know how to identify your car's fuse type? In this video, you'll learn how! Product Information: Fuse Taps | http://www.thedashcamstore.com/fuse-tap-sets-for-dash-cams-mini-low-profile-full-size-and-micro2-fuse-taps/ Dashcam Installation Kit by The Dashcam Store™ | http://www.thedashcamstore.com/installation-kits/ Fuse Type Chart | https://www.thedashcamstore.com/content/VehicleFuseTypeDiagram.pdf Transcript: 00:01 - Disclaimer: this type of work should be performed by a qualified individual or business only! 00:25 - Before doing any electrical work, ensure that your vehicle’s engine is turned off and the key is completely removed from the ignition. 00:34 - In order to utilize an Installation Kit or “add-a-circuit” fuse taps from The Dashcam Store, it’s important to know which type of fuses are in your vehicle and where they’re located. Product Information: Dashcam Installation Kit by The Dashcam Store™ | http://www.thedashcamstore.com/installation-kits/ 01:04 - Step 1: Locate your fuse box. 01:16 - Consult your owner’s manual. If you can’t find or don’t have a copy of your manual, a quick Google search for “your vehicle’s owner manual” will work. 01:31 - Check the index of your manual for “fuses”, “fuse box”, or even “blown fuse replacement”. 01:45 - Note: If you see a picture of a fuse in the manual, you can't assume this is necessarily the type of fuse that will be in your fuse box. Sometimes manufacturers use a generic image in the manual which may or may not match what’s actually in your vehicle. 01:59 - Locate the area which contains the fuse box. Once you find the fuse box, remove the cover to expose the fuses inside. 02:28 - Now that we've found our fuses, we're ready to pull them. First, make note of the fuse you’ll be removing. The key is knowing where to replace the fuse once you’ve pulled it and identified it. 02:44 - Carefully use a small set of pliers to remove one of the fuses from the fuse box. Compare the fuse with the chart and make note of the type of fuse your vehicle has. Fuse type chart: https://www.thedashcamstore.com/content/VehicleFuseTypeDiagram.pdf After you’ve identified your fuse, reinstall it to its original position and replace the fuse cover. And with that, you’ve learned how to identify your vehicle’s fuses and where in your vehicle they’re located!
  • Video Preview Image
    BlackVue DR490-2CH Dashcam Unboxing by The Dashcam Store™
    Get to know the latest BlackVue dashcam released July 2017: the DR490-2CH. The DR490-2CH is BlackVue's first dual lens dashcam that records in 1080p from both the front and rear lenses in the sleek, cylindrical camera body that BlackVue is known for. (1) Front Camera The wide-angle lens gives you 130 degrees of camera coverage and uses the new Sony STARVIS image sensor for better low-light performance. With a single tap, enable or disable the camera’s on board audio recording. Holding it down for around 10 seconds will quickly format your memory card. The DR490 is the first camera in BlackVue’s 400 series with this feature! (1) Rear Camera Like the DR490L, the DR490’s rear camera is super discreet but still delivers Full HD 1080p resolution. The rear mount doesn’t have a quick release button like the front camera, instead it has a simple internal locking mechanism. Align the steps, and the camera separates easily from the mount. (1) Quick Start Guide The quick start guide is a great resource. It has fantastic instructions and diagrams to help you start using your camera. A full/comprehensive user manual is available for download on our website. (1) Cigarette Lighter Power Plug (1) Rear Camera Cable The rear camera cable included with the DR490 is actually the same type as included with the DR490L. Both cameras use a more robust plug style than other existing 2CH BlackVue models, meaning the cable is not interchangeable with the DR430, DR470, or DR650. (1) Accessory Pack The accessory pack includes your microSD card and a microSD card adapter for storing and retrieving footage. The pack also includes 5 cable management clips, but spare adhesive pads are sold separately. BlackVue DR490-2CH Product Page: http://www.thedashcamstore.com/blackvue-dr490-2ch-dual-lens-dual-1080p-dashcam-for-front-and-rear/ Music: "Cool Ride" // Audionautix
  • Video Preview Image
    BlackVue DR490-2CH Install Toyota Tacoma by The Dashcam Store™
    The finished product of the new 2017 BlackVue DR490-2CH dual 1080p dashcam installed in a Toyota Tacoma. This install was performed by The Dashcam Store technicians at our headquarters in Austin, Texas. BlackVue DR490-2CH | http://www.thedashcamstore.com/blackvue-dr490-2ch-dual-lens-dual-1080p-dashcam-for-front-and-rear/ Need Install Help? | http://www.thedashcamstore.com/dashcam-installer-directory/ Music: Mrs. Mark II // Perimeter Breach

BlackVue DR490-2CH 1080p Dual-Lens Dashcam Install Bundle


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Product Description

NOTE: The BlackVue DR490-2CH 1080p Dual-Lens Dashcam Bundle has been discontinued, please click here to see the newest version: DR590-2CH 1080p Dual-Lens Dashcam Bundle.

Introducing our new BlackVue "Do It Yourself" dashcam bundles! These DIY kits contain everything you need to seamlessly install a new BlackVue dashcam in your car, truck, or SUV.

Included in the Bundle:

  1. DR490-2CH Dual-Lens Dual 1080p Dashcam for Front and Rear Dashcam System
  2. Power Magic Pro (to enable "parking mode" recording)
  3. Bundle of "Add-a-circuit" Fuse Taps
  4. 12v DC Circuit Tester / Test Light (to help you identify your hot and switched fuses)

Bundle Item #1 - BlackVue DR490-2CH:

This bundle includes BlackVue's top-of-the-line two-channel (dual lens, forward and rear facing dashcam, the DR490-2CH. If you're unfamiliar with this best-of-the-best dashcam from BlackVue, please click here or on the image below to open the DR490-2CH dashcam product page (link will open in a new tab/window).

Bundle Item #2 - Power Magic Pro:

Free up your cigarette lighter power outlet and painlessly install a BlackVue DR490-2CH dashcam in your vehicle. The Power Magic Pro is a control module that allows the BlackVue dashcam to keep "watch" over your vehicle while your car is parked and you are away. The Power Magic Pro will also prevent a dead car battery: should your car battery drop below 12 volts, the camera will be turned off until you return to your vehicle and start your engine.

Click here or on the image below to learn more about the Power Magic Pro that is included in the DR490-2CH DIY Dashcam Bundle.

Bundle Item #3 - Circuit Tester:

Our included circuit tester (a.k.a. "test light") helps you quickly identify the correct "always on" and "switched" fuses in your fuse box, so you know exactly where to connect the Power Magic Pro's wire harness to the fuse box.

Click here or on the image below to learn more about our simple DC test light (circuit tester) that is included in the DR490-2CH DIY Dashcam Bundle.

Bundle Item #4 - Fuse Taps:

Bundles on bundles! We also include a bundle of nifty "add-a-circuit" fuse taps with this dashcam DIY bundle. Using a set of pliers, the fuse taps crimp on to the end of the Power Magic Pro's wire harness, then simply plug in to your fuse box! This way, your vehicle's factory warranty will remain fully intact, as there is no chance of damaging any wiring or other electrical components when using other more invasive methods of tapping in to a vehicle's electrical system. The fuse taps can be removed later if you need to sell or trade in your vehicle, leaving no trace that there was ever anything there, pretty cool!

Click here to learn more about our "add-a-circuit" fuse tap bundle that is included in the DR490-2CH DIY Dashcam Bundle.

Note: The DR490-2CH dashcam includes either a 16, 32, 64, or 128GB BlackVue memory card. You may choose the size above. The memory card is provided by BlackVue and is already inside the DR490-2CH retail box, ready to go! While the memory card is removeable and the card slot will accept other brands of memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of only BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams. The BlackVue OEM memory cards are industrial-grade and are designed to withstand the extreme high and low temperatures of being inside of hot and cold vehicles day in and day out, and they are also designed to cope with the constant read/write cycles of a high quality dashcam, without fail. To ensure your dashcam is always there when you need it, stick with the most reliable dashcam memory cards from BlackVue.

The DR490-2CH DIY Bundle includes FREE priority ground shipping within the continental United States. Expedited shipping may be selected during checkout for an additional fee. International shipping is not available on this item, except to Canada or Mexico.

Installation Photo Galleries

Toyota Tacoma:

BlackVue DR490-2CH Dashcam Install Toyota Tacoma

NOTE: The BlackVue DR490-2CH 1080p Dual-Lens Dashcam Bundle has been discontinued, please click here to see the newest version: DR590-2CH 1080p Dual-Lens Dashcam Bundle.

Please note, BlackVue products can only be shipped to addresses inside the United States, Canada, or Mexico. We apologize for any inconvenience to our international customers.

The Dashcam Store™ is an official North American distributor of the BlackVue product line. Beware of unauthorized or grey-market third-party sellers!


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