2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide

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If you are looking for a dashcam as a gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, you've come to the right place! We do realize there are many options when it comes to selecting the perfect dashcam, so we've created this two-part guide to help you narrow down the candidates. This guide is composed of two parts, we pick the best Dashcams by Price (Part 1), and Dashcams by Type or Feature (Part 2).

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Now let's continue on to the Holiday Gift Guide by The Dashcam Store!

Part 1: Best Dashcams By Price

2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Dashcam Under $100 Image

Best Dashcam under $100: Papago GoSafe 388

A $100 dashcam might conjure an image of a shoddy camera, complete with manufacturing flaws, unreliable recordings and other shortcomings. Papago’s GoSafe 388 throws that misconception straight out the window! Packed to the brim with features to keep you and your vehicle safe, the GoSafe 388 is the perfect investment for someone looking to foray into the world of safer driving. The 388 comes in a small and sturdy form factor while offering GPS and high quality video capturing capabilities for your everyday needs. Add to that the extra-wide 142° viewing angle and ability to expand your memory up to 64GB makes the GoSafe 388 the perfect affordable dashcam for you. The 388 also offers various unique features such as stop sign recognition, light reminder, and driver fatigue warnings, giving you more bang for your buck. Toss in a memory card and go! Available for a mere $99.99 (discounted price, no coupon code necessary).

2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Dashcam Under $200 Image

Best Dashcam under $200: Thinkware F100

A dashcam under $200 is usually equipped with a decent lens and moderate capabilities. Thinkware’s F100, however, goes above and beyond to offer a sleek, slim design with a Sony EXMOR sensor, along with an Ambarella A12 chipset! Recording in a clean 1080p for guaranteed clarity in day and night, along with format-free technology, autonomous recording modes, high-temperature protection, anti-file corruption and other great features make the F100 a no-nonsense dashcam! Top that off with the ability to add a rear, IR, or even external camera, expandable memory, intelligent parking surveillance(parking mode) and GPS capability, make Thinkware’s F100 an outstanding option! Starting under $130. Add a secondary camera for as low as $49.99! (Discounted pricing, no coupon code necessary)

2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Dashcam Under $300 Image

Best Dashcam under $300: BlackVue DR750S-1CH

You know you are venturing beyond the $200 mark when you start geeking out over the specifications and the features of your dashcam while paying close attention to your needs! The BlackVue DR750S-1CH manages to tick off everything on your checklist while offering the very best in its price range. BlackVue is known for producing high-quality dashcams for the serious buyers and the single-lens DR750S is no exception. Encased in a ridiculously smart and small exoskeleton that camouflages itself in your car seamlessly, the DR750S captures highly detailed 1080p videos with the new industry-standard Sony STARVIS image sensor, in both day and low-light conditions. Add to this the 128GB expandable capacity, 60FPS sport mode for fluid-like videos, adaptive format-free technology, GPS, cloud and parking mode capabilities, along with the ability to pair the dashcam with your smartphone or tablet while on the road gives a driver all the necessary tools to have a safer and stress-free driving experience.

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR750S-1CH!

2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Dashcam Under $400 Image

Best Dashcam under $400: BlackVue DR900S-1CH

How can a company take their top-selling product, make it better than its predecessor, and still manage to keep the price tag under $400? BlackVue seems to know the answers and it is executing that flawlessly. BlackVue expands on its trusty DR750S-1CH by not only maintaining the expansive feature set as the 750S, but also adding 4K capability with the BlackVue DR900S-1CH! The record-breaking Ultra HD 8 megapixel CMOS image sensor provides 4K quality and more detail than ever before, allowing drivers to capture an ultra-wide 162° viewing angle of license plates and other details in the highest resolution seen yet. Equipped with dual-band WiFi, GPS and cloud capability, the DR900S manages to supply video to your smartphone or tablet seamlessly while tracking your car’s every move on earth (via BlackVue's new Over the Cloud functionality). Add to this the new H.265 image compression which makes the file sizes manageable, format-free technology, event file overwrite protection, auto-event upload and even parking mode functionality; the 900S has become the new flagship dashcam for enthusiasts and beginners alike! This amazing system starts under $370!

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR900S-1CH!

2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Dashcam Under $500 Image

Best Dashcam under $500: BlackVue DR900S-2CH

You know you are venturing in the high-end category when the toys reek of oodles and oodles of features for you to, well, toy with! And BlackVue’s DR900S-2CH manages to do just that, and more. Packaged in an award-winning formfactor, with an ultra HD 8 megapixel CMOS image sensor for crisp 4K resolution with an ultra-wide 162° viewing angle in the front and a 2.1 megapixel Sony STARVIS sensor for smooth 1080p video in the rear camera with a 139° viewing angle. The DR900S-2CH effortlessly meets all of your needs, and then some, giving you the best of the best in dashcams to date. But it gets better! Having dual-band WiFi, which offers you more connection options, built-in GPS and cloud-capability, you can check on your vehicle from anywhere in the world! Don’t be concerned with file size either; just because it’s 4 times the resolution, doesn’t mean it’s 4 times the file size! BlackVue as integrated the new H.265 compression mode ensuring the file sizes are comparable to what a normal 1080p file would be. Bottom line being, if you are looking for a high-end dashcam, look no further, because the BlackVue DR900S-2CH is all that you will ever need. The DR900S starts right around $370 for the single channel and $480 for the dual channel.

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR900S-2CH!

Part 2: Best Dashcams By Type

2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Miniature Dashcam Image

Best "miniature" dashcam: Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa

Dashcams in theory are supposed to be small, compact, and have the ability to snuggly fit in your windshield without crowding the empty space. Unfortunately, many are unnecessarily bulky, cluttered with wires, and ergonomically ill-designed. Thankfully for us, the Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa perfectly encapsulates the essence of a dashcam while offering all the perks of a conventional one. With a screen-less cylindrical body that measures less than 2 inches, the Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa manages to tuck itself in your car without taking unnecessary space. The Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa is a dashcam with all of the functionality of Amazon Alexa. Add HD video recording, voice activated functions such as voice created shopping lists and, built-in GPS that provides turn by turn directions to specific destinations, you have the perfect recipe for a utilitarian miniature dashcam!

Use coupon code Holiday25 during checkout to save 25% on a brand new Garmin Speak 'Plus' dashcam!

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Low-Light Dashcam Image

Best "low-light/night" dashcam: DOD Tech LS500W+

Dashcams can be notorious when it comes to performing well in low light situations. Provide them an ample amount of lighting and they will work flawlessly but, dim the lighting just a little and some models start delivering shoddy videos with horrible clarity. The DOD LS500W+, stands apart from the rest, equipped with a top-of-the-line Tiotech A8+ chipset and a large f/1.6 aperture Japanese 6-Element glass lens that films with a remarkable 140° viewing angle at full HD 1080p. The DOD LS500W+ also makes uses top of the line Sony STARVIS sensors which provide impressive ISO sensitivity. The high-grade Sony STARVIS sensors enable the DOD LS500W+ to boosts it’s ISO up to an astonishing 12800 for high quality low-light videos for your safety. Rest assured, your journey is securely documented even in the darkest of times! Perfect for the driver who is out at night most of the time.

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new DOD Tech LS500W+!

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Stealthy Dashcam Image

Best "stealthy" dashcam: BlackVue DR590W-2CH

Dashcam companies lately have been trying to manufacture needlessly elaborate dashcams that take up precious space while distracting the driver from... driving! The BlackVue DR590W-2CH, on the other hand, perfectly manages to camouflage themselves in your windshield, giving you the perfect illusion of a factory-installed dashcam system. With an award-winning cylindrical design implemented in the majority of their product lines, the DR590W-2CH shoots full HD 1080p and is a sleek and stealthy dashcam for your car!

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR590W-2CH!

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best High-Storage Dashcam Image

Best "high-storage capacity" dashcam: Vantrue N2 Pro

A single common rant you may hear from dashcam owners would be the lack of enough memory space to record tons of video, and the cumbersome task of formatting and inserting a memory card. The Vantrue N2 Pro, though, manages to overcome these flaws, flawlessly! Capable of utilizing up to 256GB of memory, the N2 Pro can give you uninterrupted recording of up to 24 hours of continuous dual lens footage! Add to this the ability to record dual 1080p video in the front and inside, and you have an ideal high quality dashcam for your everyday needs!

Use coupon code Holiday10 during checkout to save 10% on a brand new Vantrue N2 Pro!

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best High-Resolution Dashcam Image

Best "ultra-high resolution" dashcams: BlackVue DR900S Series

Dashcams, in a conventional sense, are meant to capture strictly satisfactory video resolutions to justify its responsibility. And yet, with the advancement of technology, dashcams might seem to be a step behind in implementing the advance lenses available in the market to please the consumer. BlackVue’s DR900S series of 4K dashcams is here to break the tradition and deliver ultra-wide 4K resolution videos for your satisfaction! Housing an ultra HD 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the BlackVue DR900S belts out videos with a whopping 3840x2160 resolution for crisp and highly detailed viewing.

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR900S-1CH or DR900S-2CH!

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Ultimate Dashcam Image

Best "Ultimate Dashcam" for the gadget enthusiast: BlackVue DR900S-2CH

You know you are a tech enthusiast when you’re armed with gadgets that are at the cusp of technological evolution. And there is nothing better than the BlackVue DR900S-2CH to compliment this very particular trait. Stuffed to the brim with technological grandeur, the 900S is nestled in a downright gorgeous exoskeleton that houses a ultra HD 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor that captures outstanding 4K videos. Add to this a full HD 1080p secondary camera that snuggly fits in your car’s rear; you are served with 2 channels of gorgeous video streaming for complete coverage of your surroundings. BlackVue also gives you the ability to connect the 900S to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi so you can download the videos and keep an eye out without any hassle. The 900S also doubles up as a surveillance camera when the car is unoccupied, giving you an added sense of security when you’re away from your ride.

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR900S-2CH!

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Rideshare Dashcam Image

Best Dashcam for commercial/taxi/Uber/Lyft use: AVIC Elite Dual

With the advent of commercial and privatized cab services, security inside and outside the car has been considerably amped up, and now cab services and individual drivers are looking for ways and means to deliver a greater sense of security to themselves and to the passengers by implementing new and innovative safety measures. The AVIC Elite Dual manages to deliver just that, and more. Armed with a dual-lens feature that captures the outside and inside of a vehicle, the Elite Dual helps a service provider in keeping a vigilant eye for the passenger’s safety. Add to this the ability to record video as well as audio, an infrared LED module that will invisibly light up the inside of your vehicle at night for high quality night footage, and you have the perfect surveillance camera for your car! The Elite Dual cannot be easily unplugged, and it also has a memory card slot that can be locked by the vehicle owner or driver, hence prohibiting anyone from tampering with the memory card. The Elite Dual’s built-in GPS receiver is an added bonus for a driver or fleet owner to keep a record of the vehicle’s movements at all times.

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2018 Dashcam Holiday Gift Guide | Best Cloud-Capable Dashcam Image

Best "Wireless Viewing / Cloud-Enabled" dashcam: BlackVue DR750S-2CH

BlackVue has always been at the forefront of delivering technologically-advanced dashcams to their consumers, and they have done so yet again by incorporating an all new remote-access “Over The Cloud” feature. Also, as long as there is an active internet hotspot in the vehicle (such as GM's OnStar 4G LTE, or a portable hotspot device), this innovative cloud feature allows a user to interact with the dashcam wirelessly from anywhere in the world! A user can live stream the video, do backups, track the car via GPS, and set alarms without the need to disassemble the dashcam or remove the memory card, all through their smartphone or tablet! The BlackVue DR750S-2CH’s surveillance mode can also be accessed wirelessly, allowing a user to keep an eye out on their precious vehicle while being in the comfort of their home. Add to this, the DR750S’ ability to capture full HD 1080p video in the front and rear, and you have the perfect dashcam to cater to your every need!

Use coupon code Holiday15 during checkout to save 15% on a brand new BlackVue DR750S-2CH!

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Happy Holidays from The Dashcam Store Team, drive safe!