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The Weekly Roundup | April 10th - April 16th, 2017

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The Dashcam Store's The Weekly Roundup Keeping tabs on the best of tech, cars, and dashcams this week... so you don’t have to.

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We're constantly creating new resources for our customers and for the dashcam community to make the process of selecting, buying and installing a dashcam as easy as possible. This week, we released the 2017 edition of our BlackVue Buyer's Guide! If you've decided that you want to go with the trusted BlackVue brand but you're having trouble deciding which model is the best fit for you, or you're a loyal BlackVue fan and you want to see what's new for 2017, our 2017 BlackVue Buyer's Guide is a must-read. It's packed with information about the history of the BlackVue brand, the features standard in all BlackVue dashcams, and information about the new DR490L-2CH.

Into videography? Love to travel? Looking to further develop your craft? This week, The Matador Network published a video entitled How to make your travel videos more cinematic. Give it a watch!

Can playing a video game like Tetris help people work through trauma who have been in a car crash? A group of researchers in the UK and Sweden say yes. Head to NPR to learn more.

Toshiba, a pillar of the modern Japanese economy, may have an uncertain fate. The New York Times has more.

Curious to know about the Mio MiVue Drive55LM? You're in luck! OxGadgets wrote a full review of this new dashcam. OxGadgets thinks that it promises a lot, but they hope and think that a couple of firmware upgrades could make this a must have for everyone.


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2017 BlackVue Buyer's Guide

Last Updated 11-Apr-2017 Hello safe drivers and dashcam enthusiasts! BlackVue's top-of-the-line quality, ever-increasing technological advances, and growing popularity in the dashboard camera community make it a top brand here at The Dashcam Store. Whether you're researching what BlackVue is all about for the very first time, you're looking to upgrade your in car security system to the [...]

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The Weekly Roundup | January 23rd - January 29th, 2017

Keeping tabs on the best of tech, cars, and dashcams this week... so you don’t have to. Must-Read We've spotted the ultimate tree house in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. It's in an isolated evergreen pine forest in Lapland, Sweden, near the Arctic Circle, which means views of the Northern Lights. Head to [...]

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Blackvue Presents: Live From the SEMA Show Las Vegas

Join The Dashcam Store™ Live in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show! Each year key staff members from Austin attend the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This gives us a chance to evaluate new products, meet with manufacturers, and strike new deals with partners in the automotive aftermarker world. [...]

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BlackVue Buyer's Guide

Updated 11-April-2017 ***Update: This information is no longer up-to-date. Please see our new 2017 BlackVue Buyer's Guide!*** Hello safe drivers and dashcam enthusiasts! With BlackVue's top-of-the-line quality, ever-increasing technological advances, and accompanying popularity growth, we thought it would be a good time to introduce a Buyer's Guide specifically for the current, new, and upcoming BlackVue dashcams and accessories. [...]

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New BlackVue DR600GW-HD / DR650GW-2CH Dashcam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hello safe drivers and dashcam enthusiasts! In this blog post we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about two of BlackVue's high-end dash cams: the single channel BlackVue DR600GW-HD, and the dual channel DR650GW-2CH. These questions cover several areas, including basic operation of the units, and troubleshooting when something doesn't seem right. We [...]

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New BlackVue DR550GW-2CH and Power Magic Pro review video!

The BlackVue product line has generated a lot of interest in the dashcam community.  Here we present our own review and informational how-to video of the BlackVue DR550GW-2CH Wi-Fi enabled dashcam, and the Power Magic Pro battery discharge prevention module.We go over both elements to this dashboard video camera in detail, discussing the functionality and highlighting the best features.  We show [...]

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Official BlackVue Distributor

Author: TheDashCamStoreWe are pleased to announce that we are now an official United States distributor of the Pittasoft BlackVue product line. We have already listed three outstanding BlackVue products, with more to follow:BlackVue 1080p Wifi Dashcam - DR500GW-HDBlackVue 1080p Dual-Lens Wifi Dashcam - DR550GW-2CHPower Magic Battery Discharge Prevention ModuleWe can source and provide the [...]

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