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UFO Over the Mojave Desert Captured on Dashcam?

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UFO Over the Mojave Desert Captured on Dashcam? You be the judge.

Stats: Recorded 8/26/17 at around 9:15pm, about 195 miles outside of LA in the Mojave.

**This video has ONLY been edited to provide accurate context and to direct your viewing attention to the subject in question. It has NOT been edited, doctored, or staged in order to misdirect or misrepresent the content.**

This video is brought to you thanks to, friend of The Dashcam Store, Trey X. Trey caught these strange lights flying over the Mojave Desert.

Here's an explanation of this dashcam video footage in Trey's own words:

"As I was traveling through the Mojave a couple nights ago, I caught a UFO on my dashcam. I took the video clips from the BlackVue and rendered a comp of the experience. Keep an eye on the right half of the screen throughout the video.

I noticed something strange off to the passenger side of the road -- a silvery bright white triangle of lights flying very low to the ground. The craft was circling a space of empty desert (this part you can't really see, as the cam could only see in front when the craft would pass near the road). The area where it was flying was unpopulated, and there were no farms or other structures that would explain why an aerial vehicle was in the area.There was a road that went off in that direction, but I couldn't see any traffic on it - was very desolate. This craft was waaaaay too big to be a drone, and the lights were extremely bright and only appeared on the bottom of the triangle/boomerang shape. As it circled, it would bank, and near the end of the clip it banked facing my car so that the bottom lights were fully visible.

Pretty wild.... Who ever thought of capturing something like THAT on a dashcam? Maybe we can find out whether this is a government black project, or something extraterrestrial. I'd sure like to know if there is an explanation for this craft, or if I came across something that is of unknown origin. Either way, it's a UFO, as in unidentified. I just know that's it didn't have any of the characteristics of a traditional aircraft, and the lights on the bottom were bright and a silvery white, and kind of strobed when partially eclipsed by the craft body (which was black) - almost like sparkling glitter. While I was driving, I was totally blown away, and kept on saying to myself aloud, 'What the f IS that???'"

Has your dashcam caught something paranormal like Trey's did? We want to share your story! Upload your original clips for cash through our dashcam video bounty program.

What do you think -- top secret government project? Recreational extraterrestrial visitation? Magic? R/C plane or drone? Let us know your therory in the comments below.

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